A Bucketlist trip: Ski Safari in The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a must!

As a result of this crazy corona-virus 2020 year, it might be a while before many of us ski in Europe. However, for the meantime, pop it on your bucket list and one day, why not let it take shape?

Ski Safari, Dolomites

In January this year, my daughter Saskia and I had the ski holiday of a lifetime. We ventured to Italy’s Dolomites, which was completely breathtaking and it is no wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went on a 5-day ski safari tour and the two of us were completely blown away with the professionalism. Their service was excellent, they ensured we stayed at fabulous accommodation, such as the Hotel Christiana in Alta Badia. Then while on ski safari, the Refugio lodges/chalets, which dot the mountain peaks, were simply extraordinary. Our local tour guide, Michele Barbiero, just made the whole experience effortless and particularly enjoyable. In fact, without Michele, we would never have seen so much of the exceptional scenery, learnt so much of the local history or skied as much as we did. It was worth every cent!

The skiing is very ‘cruisey’ and therefore perfect for the whole family and for those of us who love the wining and dining on the mountain and like taking things a little easy when it comes to skiing. The runs are all beautifully groomed and gloriously wide, just perfect for improving your edging and confidence. Nothing like an ego run every day, all day!

The Dolomites are simply breathtaking, some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. I was constantly looking up at the jagged rock faces and the vistas. My favourite day was the day we skied through the Hidden Valley, it was so beautiful, I truly thought I had gone to heaven and back. Following this magical run, we then had the most unusual but exciting experience. We held onto long ropes attached to the back of a sleigh and 2 huge horses, something similar to the Clydesdale horse, pulled us along to the next chairlift. It was so unique and I just smiled from ear to ear.

This opportunity to ski in Italy, to soak in their warm and engaging culture, the chance to enjoy their delicious cuisine and delightful wines was definitely a once in a lifetime holiday.  Ski safari’s are an incredible way to explore the Italian Alps, so make sure it’s on your bucket list.

Edwina Seaton – Travelplan Ski Expo Coordinator

Want to know more?

Travelplan offers a range of ski safari’ tours from 4 – 7 night – example itineraries here. This is the perfect trip for skiers who want to ski a lot – and see a lot – in true hut-to-hut ski safari style! For more information call 1300 754 754 or request a quote.