Steamboat Resort Set to Get BIGGER!

Steamboat Resort could become Colorado’s 2nd largest, following recent preliminary approvals for an expansion of the resort in the US. The plans include building what could be the longest 8 person gondola in North America – the Wild Blue Gondola. Also in the development is a 260+ hectare expansion and new restaurants. So if you love Steamboat there’s soon to be much more to love, with this terrain expansion being the first in over 20 years.

Longest Gondola in North America

The Wild Blue Gondola would start from the base area and end at the summit of Sunshine Peak. It would have a mid station making it ideal for a new ski/riding school. The new gondola development for Steamboat Resort is set to be an incredible 5km in length, making it the largest gondola in North America – getting up to 10,000 skiers up the mountain per hour (currently 6,000).

Steamboat Resort
Proposed projects moving forward at Steamboat Resort.

Full Steam Ahead

These projects complement others that have long been on Steamboat Resort’s wish list.
The wheels are now in motion and steps being taken:

To obtain the necessary analysis, reviews and approval to be ready to move forward when the time is right.

Rob Perlman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.

Protecting Wildlife

The US Forest Service and Steamboat Resort are working towards an agreement to protect wildlife throughout the construction. Currently the ‘no-disturbance’ buffer which protects specifically raptors, is incompatible with the construction timing necessary to implement the proposed action. Further environmental analysis with continue over coming months.

Steamboat’s Champagne Powder

The phrase ‘Champagne Powder’ for Steamboat was coined in the early 1950s by local rancher Joe McElroy. Steamboat Resort’s unique snow averages 6 percent water content, compared to 15 percent water content more typical at other locations. The snow is light and fluffy making perfect powder. No other ski resort has its snow trademarked, and there’s no other place you’ll find Champagne Powder® snow than in Steamboat.

Steamboat’s World Renowned Champagne Powder® snow.

Travelplan is taking bookings and enquiries for the 2021/22 season at Steamboat Resort. We will continue to keep you updated on the situation for the upcoming 2020/21 season and look forward to getting you to your favourite ski resort soon!